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Happy New Year! Monday December 31st, 2007

Posted by Sean in Off-topic.

Greetings, everyone! Happy New Year. I took the liberty of posting this year’s stats below. This blog started November 25th, so we averaged about 10 hits a day. That’s all for now.


Merry Christmas Readers! Tuesday December 25th, 2007

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Short one today.  Hope everyone had a good one.  I know I did (and will).  I got a laptop from Santa, and I’m using it right now.  It’s an old IBM ThinkPad running Windows 2000 (for now, I plan to upgrade it later to XP with a disk).  I also enabled snow on here (I think), courtesy of the WordPress staff.  If you scroll all the way down, it actually accumulates at the bottom!  Have fun with that!  If I don’t write before then, Happy New Year’s (even though I plan to)!

Veteran Outfieder So Taguchi signed Sunday December 23rd, 2007

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Part of Pat Gillick’s Christmas Wish List:

  • Japanese player to replace Gooch,
  • Veteran hitter not named Jenkins,
  • Versatile outfielder for bench.

Those three things were filled today (12/23), with only two more days until the “big day” for most of us. With the signing of ex-Cardinal Taguchi, the Phillies now have a versatile, Japanese outfielder on the bench. The terms are believed to be a million dollars fora year, with an option for 2009. His ’07 numbers, courtesy of the baseball cube: 3 HR, 30 RBI, 7 bags stolen, 23 walks, 33 K’s, .290 AVG, .350 OBP.

Click for more. (more…)

Phillies.tk debuts at #174 on Top100! Friday December 21st, 2007

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That’s right reader(s), your beloved site is ranked at number 174! Although the URL says it only does 100 baseball sites, there are, in fact, several. Phillies.tk is on page four out of nine on the site, but is rated ninth out of nine Phillies sites registered. We are movin’ on up, let’s keep at it!  Put links to this site on every page you can (but don’t be a spammer, they’re not cool), and we will definitely rise in the standings!

Geoff Jenkins and Chad Durbin signed Thursday December 20th, 2007

Posted by Sean in Chad Durbin, Geoff Jenkins, Jayson Werth, Pat Burrell, Phillies, Ryan Howard.
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That’s right phans, our Phightins signed another (cheaper) Pat Burrell, and another reliever named Durbin akin to the former red-pinstriper Brandon Duckworth. The two signed today (12/20/07), and the press conference was at 3:30 PM, but yours truly did not see it. Here’s the link from Phillies.com that announced the signings. Jenkins is expected to split right field with Jayson Werth, and most likely start against righties. Durbin is expected to be one of the bajillion pitchers who will be fighting for the fifth spot in the rotation, but he will likely end up in the ‘pen with the other Durbin. Numbers and more below the phold. (more…)

New Phillies Wiki Under Way! Wednesday December 19th, 2007

Posted by Sean in Clearwater Threshers, Lakewood Blue Claws, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, Phillies, Phillies Wiki, Reading Phillies, Williamsport Crosscutters.
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I am pleased to announce to my loyal reader(s) that a wikipedia-type of website about our beloved (or loathed, depending on how you look at it) baseball team, which will contain information on everything about the team, including minor league stuff. Updates will be on here as soon as I can, and volunteers for the site would be greatly appreciated. Just drop me a line.

Random Saturday Post Saturday December 15th, 2007

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I was bored, so I decided to write today. Don’t expect it on the weekends. We started to set up for Christmas today, that’s always fun.

And, I signed the site up for Top100 Baseball Sites:

I wish everyone a happy holiday, whatever it may be.  And go Eagles.

Mitchell Report Friday December 14th, 2007

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The Mitchell Report is going to change the face of the game forever. No one will ever trust any one again, no one will be looked at the same again, and the mentioned players will forever have this dark shadow hovering above them until they retire. Still, something odd is that most of the players on there were a bunch of nobodies. F.P. Santangelo? Josias Manzanillo? Todd Hundley? Who are these guys? Unless you’re a baseball aficianado (which I like to think I am), you wouldn’t know who these guys are.

The good news Phillies phans is that no current Phils were mentioned. In fact, only a few players were named that played with us. The most recent were Ryan Franklin and David Bell. The others: Benito Santiago (C, 1996), Paul Byrd (P, 1998-2001), Jason Grimsley (P, 1989-1991), Lenny Dykstra (CF, 1989-1996), Gary Bennett (C, 1995-2001), Bobby Estalella (also a catcher, 1996-1999), Jeremy Giambi (1b, 2002), Derrick Turnbow (P, though he did only play for us in the minors), and Todd Pratt (also a catcher, 1992-1994, 2001-2005). It’s quite odd that three backup catchers for the team were named.

Perhaps this report explains why the Phillies have only made it to the playoffs twice in the past 20 years?

You can read the whole report here.

Aaron Rowand Headed to the Bay Thursday December 13th, 2007

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Alas, Phillies phans, the inevitable has happened–our prized Center Fielder has left us. Surprisingly, he signed with the SF Giants. Rowand was a Type A free agent, so we get two picks for him, but, unfortunately, the Giants finished as the fifth worst team, so we only get a supplemental pick and the Giants’ second rounder, which isn’t all that bad. That means we have three first rounders, one second rounder, and two third rounders (we get an extra one for not signing our pick–Brandon Workman–last year). So now, our lineup likes something like this:

JRoll, SS
Victorino, CF
Utley, 2B
Howard, 1B
Burrell, LF
Werth, RF
Ruiz, C
Helms, 3B.