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Aaron Rowand Headed to the Bay Thursday December 13th, 2007

Posted by Sean in Phillies, San Francisco Giants.

Alas, Phillies phans, the inevitable has happened–our prized Center Fielder has left us. Surprisingly, he signed with the SF Giants. Rowand was a Type A free agent, so we get two picks for him, but, unfortunately, the Giants finished as the fifth worst team, so we only get a supplemental pick and the Giants’ second rounder, which isn’t all that bad. That means we have three first rounders, one second rounder, and two third rounders (we get an extra one for not signing our pick–Brandon Workman–last year). So now, our lineup likes something like this:

JRoll, SS
Victorino, CF
Utley, 2B
Howard, 1B
Burrell, LF
Werth, RF
Ruiz, C
Helms, 3B.

Helms, Greg Dobbs, and Eric Bruntlett are surely going to split third, but Helms is the incumbent starter. Now, we have absolutely NO protection for Howard, at all. Knowing Burrell, he will go into his ‘even year mode’ and will stink it up like he does every even-numbered year. But I’m drifting off topic. Rowand signed with the Giants today (12/12/07) for close to Torii Hunter-type money. The cash amount was not released, but the contract is over 5 years, which is the kind of dough he was looking for–and shouldn’t have gotten. We do know, though, that he will be earning a lot of those newly-redesgined $5 bills. He’s 30 years old. By the time this contract is up, analog TV will be no more, the national currency of Venezuela will be different, the Olympics will be without baseball, Bill Gates will step down from Microsoft, the world-revered Yankee Stadium will be no more, a new President will be around, incandescent lightbulbs will be banned around the globe, the state quarters will be finished, the second World Baseball Classic will happen, The Tonight Show will have a new (and in my opinion) funnier host, the US will leave Korea, and the world may possibly end. That’s a lot of things to happen.



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