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Mitchell Report Friday December 14th, 2007

Posted by Sean in Phillies.

The Mitchell Report is going to change the face of the game forever. No one will ever trust any one again, no one will be looked at the same again, and the mentioned players will forever have this dark shadow hovering above them until they retire. Still, something odd is that most of the players on there were a bunch of nobodies. F.P. Santangelo? Josias Manzanillo? Todd Hundley? Who are these guys? Unless you’re a baseball aficianado (which I like to think I am), you wouldn’t know who these guys are.

The good news Phillies phans is that no current Phils were mentioned. In fact, only a few players were named that played with us. The most recent were Ryan Franklin and David Bell. The others: Benito Santiago (C, 1996), Paul Byrd (P, 1998-2001), Jason Grimsley (P, 1989-1991), Lenny Dykstra (CF, 1989-1996), Gary Bennett (C, 1995-2001), Bobby Estalella (also a catcher, 1996-1999), Jeremy Giambi (1b, 2002), Derrick Turnbow (P, though he did only play for us in the minors), and Todd Pratt (also a catcher, 1992-1994, 2001-2005). It’s quite odd that three backup catchers for the team were named.

Perhaps this report explains why the Phillies have only made it to the playoffs twice in the past 20 years?

You can read the whole report here.



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