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Geoff Jenkins and Chad Durbin signed Thursday December 20th, 2007

Posted by Sean in Chad Durbin, Geoff Jenkins, Jayson Werth, Pat Burrell, Phillies, Ryan Howard.

That’s right phans, our Phightins signed another (cheaper) Pat Burrell, and another reliever named Durbin akin to the former red-pinstriper Brandon Duckworth. The two signed today (12/20/07), and the press conference was at 3:30 PM, but yours truly did not see it. Here’s the link from Phillies.com that announced the signings. Jenkins is expected to split right field with Jayson Werth, and most likely start against righties. Durbin is expected to be one of the bajillion pitchers who will be fighting for the fifth spot in the rotation, but he will likely end up in the ‘pen with the other Durbin. Numbers and more below the phold.

Jenkins’s ’07 numbers (with the Brew Crew): 21 HRs, 64 RBIs, 32 walks, 116 Ks, .255 average in 420 AB’s. These numbers are not bad, but the guy is making ~$6.5 million a year, and he’s past his prime. He got pushed out of Milwaukee’s outfield by a surplus of rookies, and will likely be replaced by Corey Hart and/or Tony Gwynn, Jr. According to Baseball-Reference, Jenkins is similar to the recently signed Torii Hunter over his career, but matches with the also recently signed outfielder Cliff Floyd at age 32. Methinks this was a bad move by Mr. Gillick. With him and Burrell, we now have an outfield consisting of a rock in left, Shane Victorino in center, and a rock splitting time with an oft-injured Jayson Werth. And our projected 4-5-6 (Ryan Howard, Burrell, Jenkins) had a combined 435 strikeouts in 2007. That’s a lot.

Now on to Durbin. His ’07 numbers (with the Detroit Tigers) : 8-7, 49 BB’s, 66 K’s, 4.72 ERA, and a 1.43 WHIP. He was non-tendered by the Tigers last week, thus making him a free agent. I think of Durbin as a nobody middle reliever (aren’t they all?) who came from the Royals farm system. He spent six years bouncing between AAA and the majors, before settling with Detroit last year and sticking in the bigs. Who knows which Durbin will show this year? He could stay as his mediocre-major-league-self, or he could revert to his AAAA nobody from years past. The guy recently turned 30 (12/7), so there is still time for him to stick around for a little longer before growing gray.

All in all, these signings are bad in my opinion, but they make sense. They were used to add depth to a significantly weak bullpen and bench, and that is exactly what these two are going to be-bench warmers.



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