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New Phillies Uniforms Part I Thursday January 3rd, 2008

Posted by Sean in Phillies.

I felt that the Phillies current uniforms are quite bland. I do not like them. In addition, I was browsing through blogs that tagged “Phillies”, and I came upon this, and he said that the Phils ran out of ideas for uniforms. Go read it. In response to this, I have created two new sets of unis, which I will roll out today and (hopefully) tomorrow. The first set is called “Classic”, because, except for the new alternate, these jerseys look very similar to the current ones. There are not many changes between the current kits and the new ones.  The new logo is below.  It looked nicer on my computer, which decided to eat it.

New “Classic” Logo The jersey bases were borrowed from here, and the hats from here. I made this all in Paint, believe it or not. Click to view them.

First for the home kit:

New home “classic” jerseys.

This is to be worn on most home games. I changed the sleeves to all red, with blue numbers, I added a blue underline under the “Phillies” script, I made red collars, and I added a blue number (like the LA Dodgers’ uniforms) in the bottom right hand corner.


The away “classic” jersey.

These ones are worn during most away games. Almost the same as the current edition, except for the blue script with dark blue trim, the red number at the bottom right, the (intentionally) white collar, and the red underline.  The hat’s original design was to be the liberty bell, but I scrapped it because it looked like shit so small.

Finally, the new alternates:

The new alternate “classic” jersey.

This one is worn on ALL Sunday games (home and away), and whenever the manager (or the clubhouse veteran) says so. This one is different from any Phillies uniform you have ever seen, and is my favorite of the three. The cap is all red in this edition with a blue star as the logo (The star is from the “dot” on the i’s). The jersey now has a black base with red sleeves and matching collar. The main design of it has the newly-stylized “P” (I maded the curve point a little higher) on the wearer’s left side, and his number on his right, both with blue trim.



1. GM-Carson - Friday January 4th, 2008

Bro, gotta go with old school powder blue or maroon, and throw Red some love too!

2. D_Signer - Sunday April 13th, 2008

I can absolutely believe you did these in Paint, because they look like hell. Both from a design perspective and execution. If the Phillies went with anything this hideous, they would succeed the 1983 White Sox for the worst uni’s ever.

3. Sean - Sunday April 13th, 2008

Thank you for your comment. I understand these aren’t the greatest looking things (I’ve said that myself several times), and I have one of my close, personal friends working on an update. These uniforms will look a lot better by a professional hand like his.

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