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Changing Uniforms Friday January 25th, 2008

Posted by Sean in Cleveland Indians, Fresno Grizzlies, Huntsville Stars, Kansas City Royals, Lancaster Jet Hawks, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Northwest Arkansas Naturals, Phillies, Pulaski Mariners, Quad Cities River Bandits, Reading Phillies, Sacremento River Cats, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Trenton Thunder, Williamsport Crosscutters.

It seems that everyone is changing the design of their uniforms lately.

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The final \"Devil Rays\" logo, 2001 through 2007.
The final Devil Rays logo.  01-07.
New (and current) Tampa Bay logo.

New (and current) Tampa Bay logo.

First the Tampa Bay Rays did it (along with a name change) changed from the Green motif to the ugly blue/sun colored unis.

New Phillies alternate unis.

New Phillies alternate unis.

Then, the Phillies introduced the new “retro” style alternate, as did the Cleveland Indians. They introduced an off-white home alternate similar to the ones from the 1960s.

New Indians alterante uniforms.

New Indians alterante uniforms.

Jose Guillen modeling KC\'s new powder blues.
Jose Guillen modeling KC’s new powder blues.

Then the Kansas City Royals brought back the powder blues from the 1980s (when they lost to the Phightins in the 1980 World Series) as an alternate. The latest major league team to bring back uniforms is the Toronto Blue Jays. They used the 1977 (their inaugural year) road uniforms as the new “Friday Night Jerseys”. They also changed the font color on the aways from gray to Jays blue.

New Blue Jays \"Friday Night\" jerseys.
New Blue Jays Friday Night jerseys.


New IronPigs uniforms.

New IronPigs uniforms.

The Major Leagues are not the only teams to bring on new uniforms. The minor leagues are catching on with the trend as well. In AAA, the new team Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs introduced rocking uniforms. It is a great offset to the terrible name. The Fresno Grizzlies (with the SF Giants) got rid of the atrocious “golf club” logo (as named by the staff of Baseball America) and replaced it with an

New Fresno hat insignia

New Fresno hat insignia.

New Grizzlies logo.

New Grizzlies logo.

awesome one. I especially like the hat insignia (the F with the claw marks

New \'Cats logo.
NewRiverCats logo.

through it).  Lastly, The Sacramento River Cats (Oakland Athletics AAA) trashed the “background noise” (the bridge and some buildings) and kept the rest as the new logo.

New Reading logo.

New Reading logo.

Down in AA, the Phillies’ own Reading affiliate changed everything. They introduced “bubble gum” as the trim color for the jerseys, they changed the logo, they added a Pagoda-style patch, and they added four new uniforms to the mix (one of which is a throwback to the 1980 Philadelphia aways). The rival Trenton Thunder (NY Yankees AA) brought in a new uniform. It’s an anthropomorphic cloud with a thunder bolt as a bat. I believe it is the first good uniform in team

New Thunder logo.

New Thunder logo.


A third change in the EL is the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, who are with the Toronto Blue Jays. The new logo features a furtive Fisher Cat that appears to be on the prowl. They also went from a green color to more of a turquoise color in the

New NH logo.

New NH logo.


Over in the Southern League, the Huntsville Stars (Houston Astros) went from an ’80s-esque logo radiating from the center to a new millenium-type logo, which features a rocket taking off, with a baseball in orbit around a star acting as the ‘A’ in Stars.

New Huntsville logo design.

New Huntsville logo design.

NW Ark. inaugural logo.  What the heck is it?

NW Ark. inaugural logo. What the heck is it?

Over in the Texas League, another relocating team now known as the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (KC Royals) moved from Wichita, Kansas,where they were known as the Wranglers. What the logo is supposed to be is up for debate, as I have no idea what it is supposed to be. I can only discern a waterfall (or something) with a baseball coming out of it. Not the best logo I’ve seen. Not even close. But I have seen far

First Trenton Thunder logo.  Dubbed \"TBird\".

worse (two that comes to mind is the previous two Trenton logos–the “Thunder Bird”, and the Thor logo).

Second Thunder logo.  Called \"Thor.\"

Amazingly, only one team in all of the high A leagues changed appearance. That team was the Lancaster Jet Hawks (Boston Red Sox). They went from a flying purple hawk shaped like a jet, to a red hawk’s head surrounded by wings that look like the ones stewardesses give to little kids on airplanes. It also has a baseball-bat-cross with a ball in the middle.

New Lancaster (CA) logo.

New Lancaster (CA) logo.

First (and only) Swing logo.

First (and only) Swing logo.

Current Quad Cities logo.

Current Quad Cities logo.

In low A ball, the Swing of the Quad Cities (affiliated with St. Louis Cardinals) changed their name back to the Quad Cities River Bandits (the name they had from 1992 through 2003). The look switched to the one they had with the first River Bandits moniker. It is a raccoon-looking animal with a Cowboy hat with a bridge in the background. It features the words “Quad Cities” in blocks underneath of the aforementioned bridge. River Bandits is written in cursive beneath “Quad Cities”.

Way down in Rookie ball, your very own Williamsport CrossCutters changed their appearance. They went

New Williamsport logo.

New Williamsport logo.

from a lumberjack in Pirates colors with a hat over his eyes and a huge black mustache covering everything on his face below his nose. The trajectory from his swing was pictured (why this is true is beyond me) with a gray line. It didn’t look so good. The new logo has a built, plaid-clad lumberjack facing forward with two new logs hoisted over his shoulders, one of which is shaped like a bat. The word “Crosscutters” is written at the bottom in bifurcated red and silver letters.

Returning to baseball after a two year hiatus, Pulaski, Virginia comes back with a

Seattle Mariners logo.  I can imagine that Pulaski\'s will look similar.
Seattle Mariners logo. I can imagine that Pulaski’s will look similar.

Mariners affiliate in the rookie level Appalachian League. The logo has not been released to the public, though I am sure it would look similar to the ML counterpart. By far, my most favorite change of all was the Casper, Wyoming team. They changed their name from Rockies to Ghosts (possible allusion to the 1995 movie?). The new logo has a demonic-looking baseball ghost with “Casper Ghosts”

Casper Ghosts logo.

Casper Ghosts logo.

written in gray below it. Get this–and this is my favorite part–the whole thing glows in the dark! How creepy awesome would it be to have 9 players out on the field at one time in glowing uniforms?



1. seth - Sunday January 27th, 2008

sean, i almost read the whole thing. i dont think anyone in the tri state area is really going crazy over new minor league uniforms out in sacramento… maybe you should try talking more about the game or stuff surrounding it. a baseball blog in the winter might just not have much to say. check out freedarko.com for a cool nba blog…they talk a lot about style of the game and stuff.

2. Scott - Tuesday January 29th, 2008

Don’t listen to Seth. This is one of the most concise, informative and entertaining summaries of uniform changes I’ve come across. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it! Keep up the good work!

3. Groty - Monday February 11th, 2008

Dude, brush up on your HTML/CSS skills a bit here. Very hard to follow with images stuck all around the text. Look into some proper formatting. Try proper spacing, breaks, and wrapping text around the images.

Good content though, thanks!

4. Sean - Friday July 4th, 2008

I sort of fixed it. WordPress has this new feature where they make it look nice for me, and so that I can enter text underneath. As you can see, though, it still isn’t perfect.

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