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Phillies.tk cracked Top100! Tuesday February 5th, 2008

Posted by Sean in Internet Sites.
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Great news, everyone! Your favorite Phillies blog site has cracked the top 100 over at Top100Baseballsites.com! The site hit number 98 at roughly 6pm EST after staying steady at number 109. This means a jump of 11 spots on the big board! this whole ordeal is provided by viewers like you. Keep it up!


Mixing Things Up A Bit Saturday February 2nd, 2008

Posted by Sean in Off-topic.
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I deleted two recent posts (one about changes that I later reverted, and another two sentence one that didn’t mean anything to anyone, although Carson did leave a comment on it), and changed the sidebars, so that you can see the category hierarchies. Basically, all I did was move the advertising over to the left. I also deleted the little text widget that said ‘Search Phillies.tk’. the Myspace page is now operational. I’ll post the link when I get around to it (very busy right now), and then everyone can befriend it! Lastly, I made a banner in a couple different sizes, which can be used somewhere (I don’t know where exactly right now).  I am currently in the process of looking for a new theme where I can hopefully use a banner.