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Mixing Things Up A Bit Saturday February 2nd, 2008

Posted by Sean in Off-topic.

I deleted two recent posts (one about changes that I later reverted, and another two sentence one that didn’t mean anything to anyone, although Carson did leave a comment on it), and changed the sidebars, so that you can see the category hierarchies. Basically, all I did was move the advertising over to the left. I also deleted the little text widget that said ‘Search Phillies.tk’. the Myspace page is now operational. I’ll post the link when I get around to it (very busy right now), and then everyone can befriend it! Lastly, I made a banner in a couple different sizes, which can be used somewhere (I don’t know where exactly right now).  I am currently in the process of looking for a new theme where I can hopefully use a banner.



1. Greg Esposito - Friday February 8th, 2008

I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and have contacted you on behalf of the MLB Hub network (MLB Hub) to gage your interest in having your blog join our network. We like your style and content of your blog. We would like to bring you on board our team as the main blog for the Phillies, because we feel that with your knowledge you can help us to become one of the best blog Networks out there. Here are our current sites in our network (we will eventually have all 30 teams, including your team): AZSportsHub.com, RotoRob.com, and ByrnesBlog (az dbacks)

At MLBHub we will do our best to secure advertising for your blog, including building an advertising network to sell network wide ads. This means that we can charge higher rates than you would otherwise receive by using Google adsense or something similar. However, even without advertising, this remains a great opportunity. Why?

Here are some of the perks of this opportunity:

* Your posts will be featured on our home site that will be viewed by a 1,000s of fans.
* Writers get great exposure as part of our network.
* Writers get to cover their favorite teams.
* You have carte blanche when it comes to your blog. You can essentially write about anything you want.
* We are constantly working to get your material linked and featured around the Web.
* Our sites have been linked by such sites as Deadspin, Fanhouse, With Leather, BLOGSHOW, SI, NBC Sports, USA Today, Mr. Irrelevant, Epic Carnival and other top blogs and sites
* With a bigger network, that means bigger interviews. We have interviewed Shawn Marion, Anquan Boldin, Jason Taylor, Antwaan Randal El, Isaac Bruce, and more!

More perks…

* Your name or moniker, bio, contact info and pic (optional) are featured prominently on the site’s “About” page.
* We can help you with your design of your site and possibly even remodeling your site for you.
* No fees or expenses on your part (hosting and server is all purchased) If you don’t currently own a domain we are more than happy to provide you with one such as astros.mlbhub.com.
* We can get you access to advertisers that could increase your revenue turning a hobby into a source of income. We have sports specific advertisers that generate more revenue than using typical companies like Google Adsense.
* Other bloggers have gotten other opportunities as well. Some have even landed a segment on a local sports talk radio show.

Thank you for your consideration. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We look forward to having you join our network. There is no reason not to!

Greg Esposito

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