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Oh Noez. Thursday November 20th, 2008

Posted by Sean in Chase Utley, David Eckstein, Jason Donald, Marcus Giles, Nick Punto, Orlando Hudson, Pedro Feliz, Ray Durham, Tadahito Iguchi.

Second baseman Chase Utley is going to have hip surgery next week, which could put him out until May or June. Uh-oh. Third baseman Pedro Feliz is also going to be out (but only for 8-12 weeks from now), but won’t be as big of a hit as Utley.

Who’s going to replace Utley? Good question. My favorite option is farmhand Jason Donald. He’s currently focusing on third base in the Arizona Fall League, but a transition to second should be easier for him, compared to a move to third (from shortstop, of course). Another in-house option would be Tadahito Iguchi, providing he doesn’t bolt for free agency.

A current list of free agent second basemen can be found here. Some interesting names include: David Eckstein (played with the Jays and Diamondbacks last year), Ray Durham (who played with the Brewers), Type A Orlando Hudson (Diamondbacks), Marcus Giles (who last played for the Padres in 2007) and former Phillie pharmhand Nick Punto (Twins, primarily as a third baseman, though).


Pedro Feliz Signed Monday January 28th, 2008

Posted by Sean in Adrian Cardenas, Brad Harman, Jason Donald, Pedro Feliz, Phillies, Wes Helms.
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Sh*t. As announced over on Beerleaguer.com, he was signed for 2 years. I can’t find the cash amount, but I will get that to you guys (the readers) soon. WHY?!?!?!?!?!? This guy seriously sucks. Picture Abraham Nunez up at the plate. Then subtract walks. And extra base hits. and normal hits. And add way more outs. But, on the positive, he averages around 20 homers a year and has a good okay decent glove. Some folks may take the guy in because of this, but I hate it. We need someone who can get on base and be able to protect Howard in the 5th hole. Now, we have a 5th/6th hitter, who strikes out an average of 125 times a year. Now, with him, Burrell, and Howard hitting in some order of 4-5-6, we now have 389 strikeouts in the middle of the lineup. Which gives an average of a little less than 130 strikeouts in the three spots.

Now, let’s focus on his OBP. Or lack there of. The Dominican had an OBP of .290 in 2007, and a career percentage of .288. the highest he ever hit was .305, which was way back in 2004. Although not as important, his average is even worse. He is a career .252 hitter, and he hit .253 last season– on par with his career average, and has a lifetime best of .276, also in the 2004 season. As you can see, his ’04 season was by far his best. He hit .276/.305/.485, and knocked out 22 dingers, also a career best, with 84 RBIs, all while whiffing 84 times.

There are some good points about him, though. He is incredibly versatile (he has played every position on the diamond except pitcher and second base) since his debut, and he “is the guy you want on the field with the game on the line in the 9th inning”, as quoted by Beerleaguer.com. So, he is mostly a defensive solution. This deal also makes Wes Helms more expendable. Unfortunately, he won’t be worth much to any team, so we could only get a half decent prospect, who might not even make it to the bigs.

Towards the future, in two years, Jason Donald, Brad Harman, and Adrian Cardenas will all be ready to take over. Maybe even Greg Dobbs will start by then?