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RIP Wednesday November 16th, 2011

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This site’s dead, in case you haven’t noticed…  Sorry. :(

I’ve moved on to other projects (Twitter, new blog), hopefully I don’t abandon those like I did here.

Plans for this site:

That’s right! If anybody out there in cyberspace wants to take over the philadelphiaphillies.wordpress.com domain when I am through with it, get in touch with me (email, twitter, comment on my new site).  Just the name though… All of the posts, media, comments, and content will be mine and (hopefully) migrated elsewhere.  In the mean time, I hope everyone had some fun times reading my nonsense, and hopefully I inspired you to write your own (for some reason).

Forever grateful,



I <3 Jayson Werth's Beard Wednesday May 5th, 2010

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It’s so awesome.  I love it.  Don’t you?

P.S. we’re back

This Week Is Special Sunday November 23rd, 2008

Posted by Sean in Off-topic.

It’s the one year anniversary of Phillies.tk.  Starting Monday, we will bring out our top-rated posts, and make new ones, all while partying it up.  Monday brings you top post #5, Tuesday (November 25th) is the site’s birthday, so Tuesday will bring an extra-special surprise, in addition to the  fourth-highest post, Wednesday the third highest, Thursday the second, and then we’ll end the work week with the best-rated Phillies.tk post ever.  I can hardly hold my excitement.

Phillies v. Eagles, Who would win? Monday November 17th, 2008

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As most everyone knows, unless you have been living under a rock, the Phillies won the World Series and the Eagles are a big dissapointment. What I am going to do right now is analyze what would happen if the Eagles played in a baseball game against the Phillies , and if the Phillies played a football game against the Eagles…

Baseball:The Eagles are just not playing football very well (they tied against the Bengals!) so what would happen if they tried their luck in a game of baseball? First we have pitchers. McNabb can throw a bullet with a football, but may not have the pinpoint accuracy needed for a pitcher, and also they have Kolb as their backup so that may also have a chance. For catcher they could probably have any one of their linmen that could block the ball and at least throw it back to the pitcher. For most of the other fielding positions any of the RBs or WRs would be ok fielders. Now for Batting. Well they have Huge linemen and the theory is that the bigger they are, the farther they hit the ball, so that is a plus. In turn, those guys are also very slow so they would probably result in less RBI’s with RISP because those guys won’t be able to get around the bases fast enough. But you also have guys like DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbook, who can speed around the bases lightning fast. If the Eagles team was a seasoned baseball team, I conclude that they would not be able to defeat the Phillies in a regular season baseball game because the Eagles are not very good at anything and the Phillies RULE!!!!

Projected score: Phillies-7 Eagles-3

Football: First we have the Quarterback. Cole Hamels and Brett Myers would probably be great Quarterbacks, maybe even Lidge. Now for some receivers. Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Eric Bruntlett would probably be great RBs, and Chase Utley and Jayson Werth could be good WRs. Feliz or Dobbs would be good kickers, don’t ask me why. For the Defensive and Offensive lines they have big and/or stocky guys such as “Chooch” Ruiz, Ryan Howard, Matt Stairs, Joe Blanton, and Pat Burrell. Since baseball players mostly play offense and defense in games, there would be some players playing offense and defense. If the Phillies were a seasoned football team, I conclude that it would be a close game with the Phillies ending up on top because the Phiillies RULE!!!!

Projected score: Phillies-21 Eagles-17

Hey guys Sunday November 16th, 2008

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Hey, my name is Harry and Im a proud Phillies fan. I spent most of my life living in Philadelphia thinking it would be cool to be different and not root for the Fightins, the Birds, the Broadstreet Bullies, or the Sixers. Well about three years ago I took a trip to Central Florida, Ray’s Country (as long as they are in the World Series), and never came back. Under the estimation that no one has been born in Central Florida since, oh say about 1877, it is safe to assume that many people migrate down here and bring their love of their home teams making a very heterogeneous mixture of sports fans, myself representing the 215 if you will. Over these years I’ve become obsessed, most notably with the Phillies (your 2008 WORLD CHAMPS BABY!), and I’m ready to spill my guts all over these blogs, leaking red pinstripes, golden gloves, perfect closers, and two-part world series games all over anyone willing to read.

And by the way, my fellow Philadelphians, lets just let the Eagles lose out and get rid of Andy Reid. As a person, we all love him, as a coach…GET OUT!

Hi, from Raffi Sunday November 16th, 2008

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My name is Raffi and my friend Sean wanted me to write for his site so now I am.

Hopefully you will read my posts and like them.



Bill Conlin Gets It Thursday September 18th, 2008

Posted by Sean in Chicago White Sox, Gavin Floyd, Josh Outman, Off-topic, Phillies, Phillies Farm teams.

It seems that at least one member of the “real-world media” understands my point-of-view. Frankly, it’s comforting knowing that someone else has the same opinion as me on this “issue”. Report via Philly.com.

ON A DAY and night fraught with postseason implications, I couldn’t help thinking about Gavin Floyd.

Brett Myers went for the Brewers’ spurting jugular last night on 3 days’ rest, which is only a big deal because no pitcher under the age of 45 does it anymore. Joe Blanton started the day game of the players union-induced split-admission doubleheader against the gagging Brew Crew. The National League wild-card invitation sits there waiting for somebody to pick it up and order the party balloons. But the Brew Crew is shoveling the handsome lead they once enjoyed into a shallow grave. The Cardinals are done. And Ed Wade’s Astros are doing what the Rockies did a year ago with a late run that has put them right in the Phillies’ wind shadow.

It is exciting stuff if you are turned on by NASCAR collisions and Hurricane Ike footage.

Meanwhile, Gavin Floyd is 15-7 with a 3.77 ERA. While Myers was hopping through three minor league levels during his confidence rehab, Floyd was flirting with no-hitters for a White Sox team he helped pitch into first place. The 25-year-old is manager Ozzie Guillen’s top winner.

And he represents one of the most indictable screwups in Phillies history. Screwup? The Gavin Floyd saga deserves a more pungent word than that. When you factor in all the good money thrown after bad, it is the worst series of transactions in franchise history.

And the umbrella of guilt overspreads the watches of both Ed Wade and Pat Gillick. The one guy here for all of it has been Mike Arbuckle, the minor league system manager and assistant GM who drafted Floyd No. 4 overall in 2001, paid him a club- record $4.2 million bonus, and signed off on the Coup de Disgrace. That would be the 2006 winter meetings deal where Gillick sent Floyd and minor league prospect Gio Gonzalez to Chicago for damaged veteran righthander Freddy Garcia and his $10 million contract.

It is trendy to speculate where the Phillies would be had Myers pitched as well before the All-Star break as he has since returning as a fire-breathing dragon from his three-level limbo.

I wonder what the rotation could have been had it included a Gavin Floyd the Phillies decided to dump because nobody had the people skills to help him through his crisis of confidence. Why he had become more nibbler than a 6-5, 230-pound, $4.2 million force of nature sure to become a dominant power pitcher in a rotation with Cole Hamels and Myers.

The Phillies are never much for playing the blame game. Historically, they have chosen the “Anybody can make a mistake” avenue of accountability. It is a rutted and well-traveled road. Rolled heads do not line their bumpy boulevard of broken dreams. The Phillies move the Ox carts stoically ahead – even when the blunder costs the services of a Floyd and a total of $14.2 million in cash, factoring the $10 million paid to Garcia, who contributed one 2007 victory before beginning a backward count from 10 to 1 for Dr. Andrews.

Front-office types blame pitching coach Joe Kerrigan for changing Floyd from a four-seam-fastball power arm with a huge 12-6 curve to a two-seam sinkerballer with a cut fastball. But in Kerrigan’s defense-a feeble one, I admit-the Professor was trying to give the kid a way to stay in the big leagues. He had lost his killer stuff. Mentally, the kid was a mess.

Floyd has since admitted he fell victim to the blizzard of conflicting advice he was getting and didn’t begin to reclaim his Futures Game stuff until he cleared his head of all good intentions and remembered the delivery and straight-ahead aggressiveness that earned him that record bonus.

One hot night when he was pitching for Class A Clearwater, I watched him go from no-hitter stuff to fretting, petulant brat who turned another goose egg into a crooked number because an umpire pinched him on a couple of pitches. I told Arbuckle that Floyd totally lost his poise and appeared to have demeanor issues. Mike said, au contraire, media man, the reports said the exact opposite.

The reports lied . . .

Joe Blanton was OK yesterday after a shaky beginning. The Phillies gave up badly mishandled lefthander Josh Outman and a nobody outfielder to acquire the leviathan righty.

Outman won his first major league game for Oakland Saturday, allowing one run in five innings against the Rangers’ big offense. Josh had been used in setup relief most of the Reading season. His manager, P.J. Forbes, and pitching coach, Tom Filer, will not be back next season.

Neither will Gavin Floyd nor Josh Outman.

Congrats Soul!! Sunday July 27th, 2008

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I have nothing to say except WHAT A GREAT F*CKING GAME!!

For a while, I’m going to have this site donned in blue in honor of the team.



GO SOUL!!!! Sunday July 27th, 2008

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Today at 3:00 Eastern time, your Philadelphia Soul are going to play in Virgin Mobile ArenaBowl XXII down in New Orleans against the San Jose SabreCats. The game can be seen on ABC (WPVI, channel 6). SabreCats are favored.




Happy 4th of July! Friday July 4th, 2008

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Short one today.  Joey Chestnut won the Hot Dog Eating Contest in a “dog-of” (sudden death match), and there were no “reversals of fortunes” that I saw.

Reigning Nathan\'s Hot Dog Eating Contest winner.

How About a Mailbag Session? Wednesday March 5th, 2008

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I always wanted to do one. Email me with questions/comments about the Phillies, or perhaps even baseball in general. I’ll post them on here sometime when I get enough.

Send ’em here.

Mixing Things Up A Bit Saturday February 2nd, 2008

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I deleted two recent posts (one about changes that I later reverted, and another two sentence one that didn’t mean anything to anyone, although Carson did leave a comment on it), and changed the sidebars, so that you can see the category hierarchies. Basically, all I did was move the advertising over to the left. I also deleted the little text widget that said ‘Search Phillies.tk’. the Myspace page is now operational. I’ll post the link when I get around to it (very busy right now), and then everyone can befriend it! Lastly, I made a banner in a couple different sizes, which can be used somewhere (I don’t know where exactly right now).  I am currently in the process of looking for a new theme where I can hopefully use a banner.

Bilingual Phillies.tk? Tuesday January 29th, 2008

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Exciting news!! Over the last three days, I have received a total of seven hits in spanish. You read right–Spanish. I have decided to treat these fan(s) with a special, Spanish only news report.

En primer lugar, muchas gracias por ver este sitio en el maravilloso idioma de español. He visto que usted va a leer a través de Google. He utilizado este servicio para traducir este puesto. Para dar cabida a usted, me han puesto un enlace en la página que te envía automáticamente a esta página en español, cortesía de Google Translate. No puedo agradecerles lo suficiente para llevar a Phillies.tk nuevos horizontes! Le agradezco su apoyo. Si desea unirse al personal, deseo recibir por correo electrónico la solicitud. Tal vez podría publicar algunas cosas en español para nosotros? Eso sería realmente cool. Gracias de nuevo!

I Hate Writing Papers! Monday January 21st, 2008

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They’re nowhere near as much fun as blogging. I’m just posting this because I need something to keep me awake. I’m so bored with writing. I’ve been at it since yesterday morning. It really is quite annoying. This post is terrible, but I need something to do.

Phillies.tk is Back In Action! Friday January 18th, 2008

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Sorry I was gone for so long. I got a lot of stuff on my plate. I’ll try my best to keep posting, but it is ever the challenge right now. Here’s a list of things I plan to do in the future relating to this blog:

  • I plan to start another blog on baseball in general (as opposed to specifically the Phillies). It will probably be on Blogspot, if only because I want to test out the differences.
  • I also plan to market this website in a few unique ways:
    • I already have it linked to Wikipedia,
    • I want to make a Wikipedia page for it,
    • I’m in the process of making a Facebook group, profile, an/or a page, or some combination of the three.
    • I also want to make a Myspace profile. That should be easier and better than Facebook, since it allows full customization with HTML coding.
    • An ad is being made to be placed on several sites including Theplaz.com, Baseball-Reference, The Baseball Cube, Facebook, Myspace.
  • I want to (maybe) get a dotcom domain name, though that is unlikely due to a slight case of frugality.
  • I’m back in the process of making a Wikipedia-type website about the Phillies as an organization, which will be sponsored by Phillies.tk.
  • I also would like a few contributors to add here, since I am only one man with many ambitions.

It’s always boring when there’s no baseball playing anywhere above the Mexican border. Perhaps I should start on some of these projects now… As always, drop a line if you want to help out.

Happy New Year! Monday December 31st, 2007

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Greetings, everyone! Happy New Year. I took the liberty of posting this year’s stats below. This blog started November 25th, so we averaged about 10 hits a day. That’s all for now.